Indoor riding can produce a significant amount of sweat. The Stages Bike is coated to best protect it against sweat, however, over time sweat can still cause damage to the bike. To prevent long-term damage, we recommend regular light cleaning and occasional deep cleaning. Here are some tips on how to best clean your bike:

Wipe down the frame, handlebars, stem, and other parts where sweat may accumulate with a soft cloth using water and a mild cleaner after every ride. Do not use harsh cleaning products such as those containing ammonium chloride, which can cause damage to the bike.

Sweat can accumulate under the rubber brake hoods where it cannot easily dry. Carefully lift the rubber brake hoods back and wipe under them on a weekly basis (depending on ride frequency).

Lubricate the bike's moving parts such as the handle lock, saddle lock and sliding adjustment bars every week.


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