01 Oct 2018

MANILA, OCTOBER 2018– A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016 revealed that physical inactivity in the Philippines is apparent in 28% of males and 38% of females aged 18 and above. In the same age group, cases of obesity accounted for 6% of total population. Apart from this, Non Communicable Diseases or long term diseases account for over 60% of deaths in the Philippines.

There is more truth today than ever before to the saying “Health is Wealth”.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it has become a priority for most to maintain a steady balance to successfully go through the work week, eat well-balanced meals, keep a thriving social life, and manage a quick session to the gym. Keeping this kind of lifestyle seems exhausting at first, but there are small moments in between wherein you still feel bursts of energy that push you to go further!

You know that your exercise regime is working when simple everyday tasks such as carrying groceries with no assistance, taking flights of stairs, or walking long distances have become an easy feat.

In a regional campaign launched throughout six countries including the Philippines, industry-leading fitness brand, Fitness First, launched its latest digital campaign dubbed #ThatMoment.


The core of the campaign hopes to inspire more Filipinos to jumpstart a fitness lifestyle and achieve more than they ever thought possible, while celebrating the relationship between members’ efforts in the gym, and how it translates into performing everyday tasks even better.

“More often than not, we claim to have no time, we lack the motivation, or we find the gym too intimidating, finding every excuse possible to take that one crucial step towards fitness. But when we do, there will be that moment in our everyday routine outside the gym where we realize that the choice to a healthier and fit lifestyle pays off.,” said Mark Ellis, Country Manager for Fitness First Philippines.

“#ThatMoment taps into the emotional benefits of exercise. Fitness is not just about training at the gym and achieving your target be it lifting more or running further – that’s only part of the story. We believe that feeling fit gives you the confidence, energy, and self-belief to go further in life. So when you commit to putting fitness first, it is really about pushing you to perform well in everyday situations, not just for yourself, but also for those around you,” he continued.

Over 18 years, Fitness First has successfully established itself as a leading health club brand in the Philippines, renowned for its personal and progressive approach to fitness. At the heart of the brand is the brand promise to ‘Go Further,’ which is what it strives to deliver every day. For members, it means that everything Fitness First does helps them build confidence, become better, and feel good doing it – no matter what their fitness level is.

Fitness First’s wide selection of Signature classes are built around the concept of dynamic movement training, which helps one’s body move with purpose and aims to deliver results in minimum time. These classes are progressive and caters to people who are at different levels of their fitness journey.

Do you have #ThatMoment? How does Fitness First inspire you to live better and go further in life? From October 10 until December 10, 2018, share on Instagram or Facebook what happens in  #ThatMoment that you put fitness first!

It can be something as simple as conquering that flight of stairs without losing your breath, reaching the finish line on your first-ever traiathlon meet, or walking that distance to and from work. No matter how big or small, Fitness First wants to hear your stories.

Tag @fitnessfirst_ph and use #ThatMoment #FitnessFirstPH #FFbranchname (eg FFPlatinumAura) and get a chance to win Php10,000 worth of exciting prizes from Fitness First! Your story will also be featured in Fitness First Social media pages.


About Fitness First

Fitness First is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. In Asia alone, there are 90 Fitness First clubs across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. With over 222,000 members generating close to 15 million visits per year, Fitness First carries unparalleled brand equity across the region. With an unrivalled club network in the region, a unique range of proprietary group fitness classes / experiences, class-leading fitness app CustomFit, and a reputation for great customer service, Fitness First is well placed to build on its leadership position in the fast-growing Asian fitness market. In the Philippines, Fitness First has 13 clubs across the heart of Metro Manila.