Fitness First Member since 2016

Joe is VP & Chief Actuary with Manulife Philippines. 

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His whole life, Joe was never active and was a nerd to the core - brains were all that mattered.  At age 33 and 230 pounds, he was obese and got rushed to the ER a lot, then decided things had to change.  

He lost 85lbs in 8 months, dropping from XXXL to Small.  After another 12 months, he gained strength, endurance and have run two Spartan races – his first sports medals ever! He has never felt better in life!

meet the trainer

"Push and don’t quit!"

Joward Agao, Platinum RCBC

Joe’s fitness goal was to gain muscle and improve endurance. He also wanted to further improve his results after the Renewal program.  During our trainings, we would focus on weight lifting and various cardio exercises. Aside from his individual workout routines, I saw Joe gain interest in the Spartan Race which sparked his motivation to workout almost everyday. What we both agreed on was to make his exercises more challenging while keeping it fun at the same time. We also added a lot of bodyweight training and runs into his routine as he now wants to complete the Spartan Beast category.