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Krysta is 37 years old, a single mom, and currently working in sales for an IT company.

krysta's achievement


Krysta was a stress eater. She drank a lot and smoked causing her weight to go up to 150lbs. She had a very stressful lifestyle due to the nature of her job and some personal problems.

She gained her confidence back and realized her self-worth. Working out helped her cope with the stress and heartache. She felt happier, and found a new loving relationship with herself a guy who would love her the same way

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"Consistency is key. Your toughest grind will soon become your lightest. Just keep pushing."

Rommel Torres, Platinum Aura

When I first trained Krysta, her fitness goals were to lose weight at 145lbs and gain back her confidence. She was dealing stress through eating, drinking and smoking. She was also going through her annulment while taking care of her 11 year old daughter. Working out and training helped her cope with these stressors. We have accomplished a lot during her fitness journey as she lost 30lbs and became stronger and fitter. She also overcame depression from an abusive marriage and has moved on to a new loving relationship.