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A full time mom of two active college boys and a wife to a loving husband.

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I would crave and go about eating all those processed and junk food; added to that I would even sleep way past midnight. After finding out that cancer runs in the family, I became more aware, conscious, and fearful about my unhealthy lifestyle.

I met friends who motivated me to join marathons and finishing a triathlon. Thanks to my coach who helped me enjoy working out and  friends who continue to motivate me. I continue to spend time training for triathlons, enjoying strength training, and as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

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"The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow."

Cyrus Eleuterio, Eastwood

Even though we only train twice a week, she makes sure that she always gives more than 100% effort every session.  I was so proud when she did her first triathlon and she said that all our trainings paid off.