• Why are you closing the club?
  • When will the club be closed?
  • Will there be more closures?
  • How can I facilitate with a club transfer?
  • As a premium club member, will there be a Platinum upgrade offer?
  • What can I do to my membership when the club closes?
  • What will happen to my regular group fitness instructors and personal trainers? Will they be transferred to other clubs?
  • What will happen to the Group Exercise Classes that I am participating in?
  • What happens to my current Personal Training Package?
  • Will you be still be selling memberships in these clubs?
  • What if I do not wish to continue my membership at another club?

Contact our Member Support Team at +632 8 511 9300 or email at membersupport@fitnessfirstph.inbox.ai.

 We thank you for all your cooperation and support.