Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser, 2015

  02 May 2015

Dear Fitness Firsters,

Paradigm Mall Team is pleased to inform you that an in-club initiative ‘Charity for Nepal’ donation drive in collaboration with World Vision Malaysia ran for 11 days beginning from 30th April – 10th May 2015.

As we are all aware, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck the unfortunate nation of Nepal on the 25th April 2015 and 12th May 2015. This Mother Nature tragedy has left a wide-spread loss of lives up to 8000, 18000 injured and approximately 366 still missing. (Source: CNN News)
Our main objective of this drive is to give back to the community by pledging our Winning Ways of ‘We Care’ and ‘Love What We Do’.

This Charity drive was open to all members and non members in which any amount of donation will be entitled a complimentary 1 hour Personal Training session conducted by our dedicated personal trainers.

Our trainers will put their skills and expertise into good use as they donate their time to provide members with complimentary sessions in line to support this drive and to showcase our Love and Passion for What We Do!

At the same time, we also held a Mother’s Day Week Theme GX Classes in order to create more awareness for this campaign with the help from our follow lovely GX Instructors.

At the end of the campaign, our club has managed to capture total of RM2,180 cash for World Vision Malaysia, to assist in the relief efforts in Nepal. A total of 80 kind hearts has join hands to support this cause with us.
We would like to thank to all the members, friends and family of members, staff and GX Instructors who has made this campaign successful.

Thank You,
With love,
from Team Paradigm Mall!