Eating Well


Creating new year fitness resolutions are a norm these days. Unfortunately, many of us fail to keep up to them by February as they are not incorporated as part of our daily activities like food habits. As such, here are 5 meal resolutions that you can include next year so you achieve a healthy lifestyle and reach your fitness goals

10 Jan 2020

Remove all Packaged Products  

First things first, do away with all packaged products in your pantry. Pay special attention to those that contain hidden sweeteners, preservatives, flavouring and colouring as they are the first that must go. Some examples of such foods are cookies, crackers, instant grain mixes, canned soups and microwave meals.

It is best that you replace these unhealthy products with homemade items like nut butters or fruit jams which use hand-picked ingredients or fresh produce. This allows you to embrace ahealthy lifestyleand eating habits, which has zero preservatives. Besides that, you can also make your own vinaigrette instead of the store-bought salad dressing. You can also pickle beets, carrots or radishes and eat them as appetiser, so it saves you ample of preparation time during the week.

Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Pick Color - Based Foods

Including foods of different colours as part of your diet is not only fun, but also extremely nutritious. The easiest way to do it is to add 4-5 foods with a variety of colours on your plate. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also part of thego glow grow foodschart that offers you all the nutrients that your body needs.


For instance, try this delicious salad recipe by mixing purple cabbage, pumpkin (orange), fresh cilantro (green) and black sesame seeds all together. They are both rich in colour and nutrition. Apart from that, you could also include a colourful fresh smoothie as part of your daily food intake.

Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Always Add Fatty Foods

It is wise to come up with a strategic meal plan that incorporates foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as part of your healthy diet. Just like carbohydrates and protein,fatis also an important component needed by the body as it provides energy. Fat is also required to perform certain bodily functions. For example, some vitamins need fat so it could be dissolved into your bloodstream and provide nutrients.


Additionally, Omega-3 fatty acids also offer an array of other health benefits like lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Salmon, avocados, flaxseeds and nut butters are some items that are rich in fatty acids that our body needs.

Top 5 Nutritional Resolutions for the New Year

Opt for Healthy Snack

Snacking is a vital part of your new year diet plan, provided yousnackon something healthy. Instead of munching on unhealthy treats like potato chips, crackers and doughnuts, try to eat snacks that will keep your blood sugar stable and energy up, particularly during the day. The best part is healthy snacks also ensure weight loss.


Your snacks should mainly consist of protein and fiber, as they will keep you satisfied and full for a longer time. Some healthy snack options include pumpkin seeds, nut butters, roasted chickpeas or fresh fruits.

Protein for Breakfast 

They saybreakfastis the most important meal of the day, and eating protein in the morning will keep you full and energised throughout the day. Research shows that consuming protein consistently throughout the day will allow you to maintain a healthy weight. If that’s not all, protein is also essential in our body as it helps to build our cells.


Ideally, eating about 25% of your daily protein requirement for breakfast is recommended. Foods that are loaded with protein and best eaten in the morning are eggs, Greek yoghurt and cheese. Shredded chicken added to eggs, or almonds combined into cereal can also ensure you load up on a decent amount of protein in the morning.


Having said that, living a healthy life is not solely about hitting a healthy weight goal. It also involves other key criteria, like better energy levels and improved mental focus. Adding the 5 meal resolutions above as part of your diet plan will ensure you stick to your new year fitness resolutions throughout the year.