Thriving Well


As Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Well, a study by Duke University agrees, revealing that over 40% of what we do each day are not decisions but habits. Practising good daily habits is thus the key to attaining and sustaining a life less ordinary.

01 Mar 2021
In conjunction with International Women’sDay this 8 March, we invite you to #ChoosetoChallenge – the theme for this year’s celebrations – and see how far you can push the envelope. Start by adopting these few habits. Make your life bigger, better and bolder by taking small yet effective steps each day.

Maintain Morning and Night Rituals

How you start and end your day can set the tone for what happens in between as they put you into certain mindsets that, in turn, determine your decisions, thoughts and actions. Say you’re heading an important project that requires you to perform full steam ahead. You’d want to start your days with an energetic workout that gets all your senses going and before you go to sleep, do a visualisation exercise in which you see yourself leading your team to victory.

Journal your Gratitude

Likes attract likes, so the more grateful you are for what’s going on in your life, the more things you will have to be grateful for. Practising gratitude is thus a great daily habit to adopt and better yet, write down what you’re thankful for each day. You can do it the old school way with a pen and a notebook, or try one of these apps. Practising gratitude,according to studies, contributes to better overall well-being as it makes you prone to healthier eating habits, have fewer negative thoughts, and even reduces inflammation in the body.


Schedule Self-Care Time

Self-care has become a popular buzz phrase in recent times and means different things to different people – a staycation, an indulgent spa session, splurging on workout gear you have your eyes on, take time off to work on that project you’ve been putting off – but what’s equally important is how regularly you do it. When you look after yourself well, you feel better overall and you will find that various aspects of your life will improve too. By making time for this every single day, you thus continuously enhance your life.

Do What You Hate First

World-renowned hypnotherapist, nutritionist, speaker, and bestselling author Marisa Peer advocates this as one of the first rules to succeed in life. Why? Tackling your least favourite ahead of the other things on your to-do list removes the stress out of it as the longer you stall, the more reluctant you become. By getting that out of the way first, you enjoy a great sense of accomplishment which then ups your confidence and makes you more determine to complete the other tasks.


Slot In Social Media Detox Sessions

On average, we spend at least 100 minutes every day checking our social media pages. Research has found that the more time one spends doing that, the more likely that person is to develop depression, anxiety and social withdrawal. Don’t fall victim to that; track and limit your social media usage. For an hour or so each day, turn off your laptop and mobile phone. Doing this helps declutter your mind, shift the focus to you, and define your priorities. Here are other ways to do a social media detox.