Moving Well


It is normal to run into challenges that make it difficult for us to stick to new year fitness resolutions. This usually occurs when you aim to hit goals which are too ambitious in nature. For example, beginning a fitness program with an exercise plan that is too intense. A better alternative would be to concentrate on short-term objectives that can be accomplished by tailoring them towards specific breakthroughs throughout the year

01 Jan 2020

To avoid derailment, here are a few long-term workouts to help you begin the year with muscle building and improvement of total body fitness.

Train for Functional Fitness

Activities performed daily such as chores or physical work-related tasks require the use of the major muscles in our body. Including a total body routine as part of your workout plan will help in building functional fitness. A few exercises which can be included as part of a routine are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, planks and leg raises. If you cannot perform basic repetitions of a specific exercise, start slowly by using assisted, negative or simpler swaps. Once you master these, you can then progress to include more difficult forms of the exercise.


Training in a class like the Spartan Workout will help your body move the way it was designed to. This form of training involves movements such as crawling, climbing, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing, sprinting and squatting, amongst others. The complexity and intensity of moves involved in this workout can also be tailored according to your fitness levels. 

time to make a change: adjusting your goals

Learn to Dance

Dancing is an aerobic and anaerobic exercise form that provides a variety of health benefits. These benefits include an increase in muscle fitness, motor fitness, endurance, development of bone strength, and improvement in flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Dance forms such as Sh’bam are all about having fun, getting your body moving and heart pumping. It is accompanied by popular hits and classics, dance music, and modern Latin beats. This dance form features moves that will help you burn calories, build cardiovascular strength and improve total body coordination.

Start Cycling Regularly

Cycling is a workout option that provides your body with the same benefits as dancing. It also helps in improving mental health, promoting weight loss, as well as muscle building. A few ways in which the intensity of your workout can be increased include cycling uphill, using bigger gears and using a block training method (different type of cycling for different days).

Joining a cycling class will help you sharpen your riding technique and become a stronger and more efficient cyclist. It consists of timed interval drills which are focused on specific training objectives. A cycling class will also help you burn calories, build endurance and improve your fitness levels rapidly.

time to make a change: adjusting your goals

Pick Up Yoga

The foundation of yoga is made up of three elements – exercise, meditation and breathing. An effective combination of these elements will enable you to strengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, and blood circulation. Yoga involves the use of gentle stretches, postures and poses, combined with focused breathing to aid in calming your mind.


One exciting method to incorporate yoga as part of your workout routine is through aerial yoga. Aerial yoga involves using a yoga swing to hang in the air while stretching into poses. Suspension in the air will challenge your balance and help in strengthening your core muscles. It is also helpful in relieving compressed joints, correcting muscle imbalances, developing stamina, and improving your breathing and mindfulness.

The foundation of a beneficial workout plan and regime depends on a gradual upping of intensity over time. This is a great way to keep your routines fresh and ensure that your body is being challenged constantly. As a result, you would be able to achieve your long-term goals, thus motivating you to continue abiding by the same workout plan.